"From now on it's not so heavy"

"From now on I easily walk

with my baby car seat"


“The Cocobelt only takes seconds to install”

“It looks fantastic”

“The Cocobelt is Safe, Easy, Quick & Fashion”


"I'm happy"

"My baby is happy"

"We care how you carry"

Safely and comfortably carry your baby car seat around: Cocobelt®

consumer-award-2016-enEvery mother and father experiences how heavy and tiring it is to walk around with a baby car seat every day. That is now a thing of the past.

No more closing or opening of strollers for those short walks. No more tired or painful arms while carrying your baby car seat, because you can attach the Cocobelt to the car seat within seconds and can then safely and comfortably wear it over your shoulder like a bag. Lovingly designed and worn!

The Cocobelt is handmade from quality materials, tested for safety, easy to use, and looks fantastic!
The Cocobelt is Safe, Easy, Quick, and Fashion.

What is the Cocobelt®?

If you own a baby car seat, you know how often you use it for short or longer walks and how heavy and tiring that is. Every day, you carry it to and from your car, to the babysitter, day care, bringing and picking up your other child(ren) to and from school, quickly walking into a store, and even on vacation at the airport and on the beach. The weight on your arms and the impaired freedom of movement is something every parent recognises.

The solution? Cocobelt.

Want to make all those situations a lot more comfortable? You can, with the Cocobelt. Heavy and painful carrying becomes comfortable wearing with ease.

Safety, of course, was our primary concern. Therefore, the click-buckle of Cocobelt has been extensively tested by Bureau Veritas and the Cocobelt has a CE certification.

The Cocobelt is very quickly and easily attached and used. Safe and beautifully designed!

Don’t you want to show off your baby? The same goes for the Cocobelt.

Comfortably carry around your baby car seat.
An original, useful, and stylish gift.

Designed with love and crafted with care

“My baby, Colin Corts, was born on 24 October 2013. I was the happiest mother on earth.

However, I encountered a problem. Lifting Colin in a baby car seat felt very heavy, and I was confronted with this problem multiple times a day. Even on vacation. At the airport, I got the idea to invent a tool that would make it much easier to walk around with your baby car seat for every parent. There had to be a solution for me and all other parents!

I was so excited about this and so certain of it that I further elaborated the idea. I conducted some research, had designs and prototypes made, and tested and tested. It also had to look fantastic, and it needed a name.

The result is the Cocobelt! A fashion accessory named after my son, Colin Corts.

I am certain that the Cocobelt – besides all those other tiny beauties – will be an asset for all (future) parents.”

Cocobelt, “We care how you carry”.

Manon Corts
Owner of Cocobelt, model, and mother