We have already arranged everything for the Cocobelt ourselves, but more parents should be able to benefit from the convenience of this carrier belt, which is why we are open to various forms of cooperation.

Wholesale, retail and distribution

Another benefit of the Cocobelt is that it is a unique and new product and easy to sell in many sales environments: perfect for cross selling.

Behind this product is an enthusiastic team that pays attention to its partners and supports them in marketing, with a focus on efficient business processes and automation.

For sales and distribution, we are seeking agents worldwide. We already have agents and representatives in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. Would you like to become a representative of the Cocobelt too? Please contact us!

Press and advertising

Do you want to help set up promotions or do you need information or logos for publications or marketing opportunities? We are open to cooperation in that respect, too – together, you can always achieve more.