Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

We can imagine that you may still have certain questions about the Cocobelt, and we will post all questions here. Go ahead and view the manual; there may already be an answer there. If you cannot find it, please contact us: we have the answer for you.

What are the benefits for me and my baby if I use the Cocobelt?
  • You will no longer experience pain, cramping, or bruises on your arms due to lifting your baby car seat.
  • You will always be in contact with your baby and can still play with your baby while carrying.
  • The Cocobelt ensures that the baby car seat hangs stable and level. This is very pleasant for both you and your baby.
Where can I buy Cocobelt?

All retailers are listed on our website, and that list is expanding rapidly. Of course, you can also order the Cocobelt online.

Does Cocobelt ship worldwide?

Yes, Cocobelt ships online orders worldwide where delivery is possible at a low shipping rate.

What is the delivery time of Cocobelt?

Cocobelt virtually always sends out your order from our distribution centre in the Netherlands within 1 business day. Depending on the country of destination, delivery may take a number of business days.

Is the Cocobelt safety tested?

Yes, the Cocobelt’s quick release buckle is tested by Bureau Veritas.

Is the Cocobelt quickly and easily attached?

Yes, the Cocobelt is very quickly and easily attached by connecting the Velcro in the Cocobelt to the Velcro strip on the handle and closing the buckle.

How much weight can the Cocobelt carry?

The Cocobelt can carry up to 50 kilograms. Your baby may be transported in a baby car seat up to 13 kilograms.

Until what age/weight can I use the Cocobelt?

The Cocobelt is only suitable for use with baby car seats in the Category 0+ which are equipped with a carrying handle. Category 0+ includes babies between 0 and 12 months old and between 0 and 13 kilograms.

Does the Cocobelt sit firmly on my shoulder?

Yes, it has a sturdy non-slip shoulder pad, thereby making it perfectly and comfortably rest on the shoulder.

Are both my hands free when using the Cocobelt?

Essentially, both your hands are free, because you carry the Cocobelt on your shoulder. Even so, we strongly recommend you always keep your arm under the handle.

Does the baby car seat hang stable when using the Cocobelt?

Yes, if you have adjusted the Cocobelt as such that the baby car seat hangs on your hip, the baby car seat will remain stable and not shake when you walk.

Can I see my baby well?

Yes, if you use the Cocobelt, you always have eye contact with your baby, because you are always looking at your baby while walking and have a hand free for touching your baby.

Can the Cocobelt be worn both on the left and on the right?

Yes, the Cocobelt supports its being worn on the left and right. It comes with 2 Velcro strips to apply to the handle of the baby car seat, so you can wear it on both sides.

Why do I wear the Cocobelt straight rather than diagonally?
  • There are a few reasons why the Cocobelt is worn straight rather than diagonally.
  • Wearing it straight is much quicker and easier than diagonally. All you have to do is click the Cocobelt onto the car seat, lift it, place the shoulder pad on your shoulder, and you are done.
  • The adjustment range is greater when wearing it straight than when wearing it diagonally.
  • When wearing it straight, the baby car seat hangs stable at hip height. When wearing it diagonally, the baby car seat is too low and shakes up and down.
  • When wearing it diagonally, the belt presses against the woman’s breasts. This is very unpleasant if you have just given birth.
  • When wearing it diagonally, the belt will pull on your neck when you wear the baby car seat at the right height against your hip.
Should I remove the Cocobelt from the baby car seat as soon as I stop using it?

Yes, you should remove the Cocobelt immediately after use.

Is the Cocobelt quick and easy to use?

Yes, if you first attach the Cocobelt with the Velcro and snap it shut, then with your arm through the Cocobelt, lift the baby car seat with your forearm under the handle, and place the shoulder pad properly and securely on your shoulder with your free hand. You may also want to consult the manual or the instruction video available online.

Where can I find the manual?

The manual comes with the package and is also available online in 13 languages.

Is there an instruction video on how to can attach and use the Cocobelt?

Yes, an instruction video on how to attach and use the Cocobelt is available on our website. You may also want to consult the manual.

Is the Cocobelt suitable for anyone’s height?

Yes, the Cocobelt is suitable for anyone’s height because it is adjustable.
Make sure that the Cocobelt is so adjusted that the car seat hangs at hip height. This makes carrying extra comfortable for you and your baby.

The belt has come loose from the quick release buckle. How do I loop the belt back into the quick release buckle?

The last image in the manual shows how to correctly loop the belt into the quick release buckle.


Can I wash the Cocobelt?

The Cocobelt can be cleaned with (luke)warm water, but is not suitable for the washing machine.

May the Cocobelt get wet?

It is no problem if the Cocobelt gets wet due to, for example, rain.
Ensure the Cocobelt does not remain in a damp spot.

In what colours is the Cocobelt available?

The Cocobelt is available in black, mint, and aztek.

Will there be more colours in the future?

Cocobelt is very innovative and will surely have more colours available in the future.

Where is the Cocobelt produced?

The Cocobelt is handcrafted in Turkey from excellent materials.

How can I contact Cocobelt?

For questions or comments, you can fill out our contact form. Preferably in Dutch or English.