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  • You are always responsible for the safety of your baby.
  • Never leave your baby unattended.
  • Always use the harness belt of the baby car seat to secure your baby.
  • The Cocobelt is not a toy and should only be used by adults who are familiar with the proper way to use the Cocobelt.
  • The Cocobelt is suitable only for infants up to 12 months old and weighing up to 13 kg.
  • The Cocobelt is only suitable for use with baby car seats in the Group 0+ category.
  • Improper and incorrect use of the Cocobelt can cause serious injury.

Never place your baby in the baby car seat when installing Cocobelt for the first time!

While installing your Cocobelt, the headrest of your baby car seat is always facing forward. You will always have eye contact with your baby.

Your Cocobelt can be installed for use in 3 easy steps:

Please refer to the drawings in the correct order in combination with the instructions below to properly prepare your Cocobelt for use.

1) Determine the correct location of the Velcro strip(s) on the bracket of the baby car seat.

1a) Make sure that the bracket of the baby car seat is clean, free of grease, and dry in the circled areas.

Cocobelt_5x5 Illustrations_FINAL_1a

1b) Attach the Cocobelt to the bracket of your baby car seat and snap in the buckle. The buckle should now be located at the foot section of your baby car seat.

Cocobelt_5x5 Illustrations_FINAL_1b

1c) Place the shoulder pad on your shoulder, adjust the length of the Cocobelt, and make sure the car seat hangs straight.

  • The Velcro strip on the inside of the Cocobelt should touch the bracket of your baby car seat.
  • The shoulder pad should properly and comfortably rest on your shoulder.
  • The baby car seat should be touching your hip.
  • The baby car seat should hang straight.
Cocobelt_5x5 Illustrations_FINAL_1c
Cocobelt_5x5 Illustrations_FINAL_1cA

1d) Use the included marking sticker to mark the position on the bracket of your baby car seat where you must attach the Velcro strip.

Cocobelt_5x5 Illustrations_FINAL_1d
Cocobelt_5x5 Illustrations_FINAL_1dA

2) Attach the Velcro strip(s) on the bracket of your baby car seat (only once).

2a) Remove the adhesive strip from the Velcro strip.

Cocobelt_5x5 Illustrations_FINAL_2a

2b) Attach the Velcro strip to the marked location.

  • When attaching it to the bracket, the end of the Velcro strip should always end up on top of the bracket.
  • The Velcro strip should be attached neatly and without folds.
  • Try this out before removing the adhesive strip.
Cocobelt_5x5 Illustrations_FINAL_2b

3) Attach the Cocobelt for everyday use.

3a) Attach the Velcro on the inside of your Cocobelt to the Velcro strip on the bracket of your baby car seat and fasten the buckle.

Cocobelt_5x5 Illustrations_FINAL_3a

3b) Lift the car seat with your forearm after placing it through the Cocobelt.

Cocobelt_5x5 Illustrations_FINAL_3b

3c) Make sure that the shoulder pad is properly resting on your shoulder. Your Cocobelt is now ready for use!

Cocobelt_5x5 Illustrations_FINAL_3c

The Cocobelt is a tool that helps with carrying a baby car seat around on foot. While walking, you should keep your arm through the bracket at all times to avoid any risk of falling.

You should remove the Cocobelt from the bracket immediately after use to prevent any kind of injury to your baby.

Cocobelt is not liable for any form of improper use and/or use that deviates from the use recommended by Cocobelt.


Your Cocobelt is made of high quality materials. Its production complies with current European safety and quality standards.

  • The warranty on your Cocobelt is valid for 24 months from the date on the original receipt.
  • The warranty does not cover damage that is caused by normal wear, improper or incorrect use or neglect, or due to disregarding the instruction manual. Normal wear includes the wear of tissues due to regular use, the natural fading of colours, and the deterioration of material over time and through use.
  • The reuse of Cocobelt for multiple babies consecutively and/or selling it to third parties is discouraged for quality and safety reasons.
  • If you want to make use of the warranty, please refer to the store where you purchased the Cocobelt.
  • This warranty complies with European Directive 99/44/EC of 25 May 1999.



The Cocobelt does not require any maintenance under normal use. Any stains can be removed manually using lukewarm water.